NOVEMBER 8, 2017

The arts & business exchange (abx) is a one-day conference that brings together 200 of Canada’s emerging arts & business leaders to collectively address the challenges facing engagement and sustainability in the arts. This year’s program theme, ARTPOWER, is inspired to explore the intricate relationship between the arts and power of thoughtful leadership. The overarching theme splits the day into self, community, nation to enhance a better understanding of how collaboration is a key practice for young professionals and entrepreneurs.

The day will consist of engaging keynote addresses, specialized masterclasses, and carefully designed collaborative working sessions to provide an immersive experience. We hope you can join us!


ARTPOWER will be developed through an exploration of self, community, and nation.


Taking an introspective approach to identify purpose and meaning, and how to navigate the dynamic landscape as an individual. Above that, we’ll speak about exploring identity in the digital era; how to best utilize your skills, network, build personal brand, and establish authenticity online.


Once individual leadership has been established, we shift to community. We think about sustained inquiry and how to leverage shared resources to lead the next generation. We’ll discuss how design thinking applies to community building and the role that ethics play in this.


We build on SELF and COMMUNITY throughout the day and will conclude with how collaboration with one another, cross sectoral, and across communities will build a unified cultural fabric of Canada.